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Transit Coming to Lincoln

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Transit Coming to Lincoln

Town of Lincoln Transit Pilot - uLinc

The Town of Lincoln is launching an intra-municipal transit system pilot starting November 13th. Intra-municipal means the bus will run within Lincoln, but will have connection to the GO bus to assist residents with travelling outside of Lincoln.

The pilot aims to:

*Provide mobility to members of the community
*Contribute to a higher quality of life, including improved health and community participation rates
*Facilitate economic development and support labour workforce development/accessibility
*Support future plans for sustainable development and intensification, as outlined in the Town’s Official Plan
*Support the introduction of the future GO train service in Lincoln

This service is FREE during the pilot

Route and Frequency
The pilot consists of one bus operated by an external vendor

Proposed routes:

Route 1 (Hixon): Operates south of the Fleming Centre, servicing the Albright Centre, Beamsville Medical Centre, and the No Frills Plaza
This route will run 5 times per day
Route 2 (Ontario Bartlett) : Operates north of the Fleming Centre, servicing the Lincoln Medical Centre, Sobeys Plaza, GO Bus, Industrial Centre, and the Golden Horseshoe Estate
This route will run 5 times per day
Route 3 (King) : Operates east of the Fleming Centre, servicing the Queen Manor, Heritage Community, Foodland Centre, and the Jordan business district
This route will run 3 times per day
Details regarding specific times and frequency are still being determined. Once finalized, schedules will be posted on Town of Lincoln

Duration of Pilot:
The pilot’s duration is approximately one year
Routes, stops, and frequency will be assessed every 4 months to determine if adjustments are required to meet the needs of the community (within the approved budget)
Transit systems are an important element of complete communities as they promote equity among the town’s residents by ensuring access to reliable, affordable transportation to access town amenities, services, and businesses. Public transit is key to community livability and sustainability.

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