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Third Party Events for CCWN

Community Care of West Niagara is very fortunate to receive community support from organizations and individuals throughout the year. Third-Party events (events organized by someone other than CCWN) raise food and funds as well as build relationships, public awareness and media attention in our community.

As a Third-Party Event Organizer please:

·        Obtain written permission from Community Care of West Niagara prior to using its logo, image or otherwise referencing it in promotional material.

·        Obtain sponsorship(s) for the event if needed.

·        Provide any additional insurance or license for Third-Party as needed.

·        Develop and implement promotions plan.

·        Work with CCWN to ensure the event will be as successful as possible.

·        CCWN accepts a Third-Party Event if it reflects the mission of our organization, is in keeping with our mandate and core values. If you would like to organize a Third -Party Event please fill in the form below and someone from Community Care of West Niagara will be in touch to see how we can help!.

Third Party Event Registration Form

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