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Organize a Donation Drive

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There are a number of ways that businesses and their employees can support Community Care of West Niagara.

Food Drives & Fundraisers

Community Care of West Niagara is very fortunate to receive community support from organizations and individuals throughout the year. Third-Party events (events organized by someone other than CCWN) raise food and funds as well as build relationships, public awareness and media attention in our community.

They are organized on behalf of CCWN, requiring little or no support and using minimal resources. There are over 60 third-party events held each year throughout our community.

Community Care of West Niagara | Food Drives & Fundraisers

How You Help

The bowl of cereal that fills a child’s stomach, the can of soup that warms an elderly person, the lunch that sustains the person working hard at finding employment—these are the situations that make the work we do so rewarding.

Tips to promote your Food Drive or Fundraiser:

Use Social Media

  • Spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media accounts you use.
  • Facebook: communitycarewn
  • Instagram: communitycarewn
  • Twitter: communitycwn
  • LinkedIn: communitycarewn
  • Use Community Care of West Niagara’s account to leverage your activities so we can help support you!
  • Provide updates to your network every couple of days or each week. Tell them how your campaign is going, get them excited about what you are doing. This will also act as a reminder for them to donate.

Provide updates to your network every couple of days or each week.

  • Tell them how your campaign is going, get them excited about what you are doing.
  • This will also act as a reminder for them to donate.

Create Images/Posters

  • Encourage people to donate our Most Needed Items. Print a poster to spread the word!
  • General Posters ideas: Fill an Empty Cupboard, Empty Fridge, or Empty Lunchbag.

Follow Up!

  • Let’s face it, most people are always on the go and even if they intend on donating…they might forget. Posting online and sending updates will act as a reminder.
  • Email, text, call and let everyone know if you still need their support.
  • After we receive the donation from a community event, we will send a thank you letter to the event organizer.

Food Drive & Fundraiser Tips

If you’re running a food drive or fundraiser, let us know your goals, whether you need food collection boxes or a copy of our logo or mission statement. The ‘when’ and ‘where’ tends to be the easy part of an event, following through is is the fun part!

  • Challenge your school, colleagues or community to help reach a specific weight or number of bins filled.
  • Generating 100% participation is a goal.
  • If you’re organizing a corporate event, find out if your company will match gifts.
  • Decide how you’re going to collect, store and transport the food.
  • We have a supply of food collection boxes, and cash donation boxes that you can request, and you are also welcome to gather collections in your own containers.
  • We always appreciate collections being dropped off at CCWN to help us save resources. The more we save, the more we feed!

Food We Cannot Accept

We want to ensure all your donations make it to the tables of those in need, so to prevent waste please avoid donating the following:

  • Vitamins
  • Over the counter medications (i.e. Tylenol, Advil etc.)
  • Home baked-goods or food prepared in a home environment
  • Personally wrapped meats
  • Opened food items, or food not in its original container/packaging
  • Candy and snack food items in packaging that can easily be tampered with or contaminated (i.e. individual raisin boxes, foil-wrapped treats etc.)

When donating snacks please keep in mind that a nutritious treat is always preferred.

*The above standards are put in place by Food Banks Canada, and are to be utilized by all food banks and food programs.

Do you have a great idea that has worked for you? Contact our team so we can share it with others!

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