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 Mailing Address: P.O. Box 171, Beamsville, ON  L0R 1B0
Beamsville Location: 4309 Central Avenue, Beamsville, ON
Vineland Location: 3831 Victoria Avenue, Vineland, ON
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Utility Subsidy Programs

The Emergency Utility Subsidy Program provides assistance to our residents living on or below the poverty line who are under threat of having their heat, water, oil or gas utilities disconnected.

About The Program

Primarily, families receive help with their utilities when notice is given for disconnection. The utility bill must be in the family’s name in order to receive assistance.

Also, identification for all household members, proof of income and the disconnection notice from the utility company must be presented upon intake. Our staff will work with the utility companies to seek a payment solution.

Other means of help include hydro or water deposits along with referrals to partner agencies who may be able to assist further.

Documentation Required

  1. Proof of Income for everyone in the home - including Child Tax Benefit
  2. Identification for everyone in the home - 2 pieces for applicant, 1 piece for everyone else in the home
  3. Current utility bill and/or disconnect notice for the utility
  4. Rent / Mortgage receipt
  5. Bank statement from the last 60 days
  6. 2016 Income Tax or Notice of Assessment may be requested for all family members

Low-Income Energy Assistance Program

Low-income customers can get up to $500 in emergency assistance for your electricity bills ($600 if your home is heated electrically) and $500 for gas bills.

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Ontario Energy Support Program

CCWN assists residents of lower income homes (not solely clients) apply for a reduction on their electricity bill.

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Niagara Emergency Energy Fund (NEEF)

Emergency Energy Assistance is available for qualifying West Niagara Households that are facing an emergency like maintaining utility service.

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