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CCWN Proudly Uses The Bridge App!

Mobile App For Churches, Schools and Associations

Create community and connect with the members of your organization remotely. Share important announcements, videos, events (with event registration), sermons and enable mobile donations.
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Features of The Bridge App
The Bridge App is customizable for each organization. All features can be enabled or not, depending on your needs. As well, each feature will house the unique content of your organization. An exciting new development is the ability to create custom features that pertain specifically to your organization.

Have your members easily share their generous gift with your organization either as a one-time donation or as a recurring donation. Donations can be given to any number of causes set up by your financial administrator. Have the Bridge App issue donation tax receipts on behalf of your organization or issue the tax receipts yourself.


"The Bridge App has been a great asset to our communication lines with parents and supporters. They look to the app first now for the most up to date information. The set up was easy and we get great support from our rep who keeps an eye out for ways to help. We have been very pleased with it right from the start!"

Heritage Christian School, Jordan, Ontario

Other church apps may lean into the management of a church system, but the goal of this app was to go beyond management and into the relational, missional and local emphasis of the church. This app was designed for the local church in mind in its most vital functions; especially during Covid. Staying connected as a church body - not just managing the church - is the real goal. And The Bridge App does that! It bridges the believer to the church community, to the God they serve and to the ministries and practices of the local church.

Darren Roorda, Canadian Ministries Director, CRCNA

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